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Obtaining the LUAs

To edit an RGD as a LUA, you need to convert all RGDs to LUAs. To do this, right click on the attrib\attrib folder and choose to dump all RGDs in the folder to LUA. This may take some time - be patient.

Editing LUA files

LUA files are text files; they can be edited in any text editor. You can for example use notepad, however I prefer metapad. You should be able to work out the format of these files - each line in the file refers to a value in the RGD. However, you need to look out for Inherit() and Reference(). Changing these in an RGD has no effect, however these functions play a large role in LUAs. In essence they copy the GameData from the specified file. One non-obvious impact of this is that only values that are different from the Reference()d file are in the dumped LUA. If values are in the RGD, but appear to be missing from the LUA then it is most probably because the value is the same as in the Reference()d file, and thus not written to the LUA.

Converting LUAs back to RGD

Remember, a LUA is just an RGD saved off as a text file. The game loads RGD files, so any RGD files you've converted to LUA and then modified need to be converted back to RGD for the game to load them. You can convert LUAs back to RGD one file at a time, or an entire folder at a time by right clicking on the file or folder you want converted back.

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